Garden Pods Cheshire. Garden Pods, Offices & More.

A bit more space. We could all do with some of that. Whether it is just room to spread out, somewhere you can work,  entertain or relax for a while; your home based business may be expanding, or your family growing, that is why our garden pods Cheshire tick your boxes.

The great thing about Saunders Design and Build is, whatever the reason you have we can help you solve your space problems with a garden pod. We will do this by creating exactly the right, long term solution for you. We will build a stylish detached room for you in a timely and professional manner. Our garden pods leave you with a functional space that will enhance your life just as much as your it does your property. We will design your perfect garden pod Cheshire.

Our garden pods are energy efficient buildings and rooms which rarely need additional planning permission. We can offer designs ranging from traditional to contemporary, in fact we are really flexible. You can decide the size, add options like underfloor heating and your choice of windows, doors and fittings. We also invite you to play a part in designing your perfect outdoor room. Thats how flexible our garden pods Cheshire service is.

Here at Saunders Design and Build we provide unlimited possibilities for your outdoor spaces. From offices to studies, to play rooms and gyms you can find experienced and qualified craftsmen to make your dream become reality. We can customise all aspects of our garden pods.

Garden Pods Cheshire. Pods, Offices & More – All On Our Cheshire Site

Come and visit our site on the Welsh Road, just past Two Mills Cheshire and spend some time in our garden pods, a range of rooms, office and pods. All exceptional choices to suit your need of a garden pod in Cheshire. We guarantee if you are thinking of extending your home, you will not be disappointed. We design and build luxury outdoor buildings and garden pods that suit every need. Come and see how we could design your very own outdoor buildings in Cheshire.

We have the following items on display within our Cheshire Workshop and display site, you can click each image to see more information.

One of our hobbit holes we have built within our Cheshire demonstration site.

Hobbit Hole

An example Garden office is available to view within our Cheshire site

Garden Office

Our barrel sauna on our Cheshire site

Barrel Sauna

an example of our outdoor guestroom build on our Cheshire site

Garden Guest Rooms

one example of a garden music you can view on our Cheshire site

Garden Music Rooms

Loft extensions cheshire

Loft Exentions

one example of our custom builds

Hexagonal BBQ

crooked house cheshire

Crooked House

another view of our cheshire workshop

Cheshire Workshop